Welcome back for another crazy month! There is a lot going on in June and I am super excited for all of the things coming (June is a popular month for sub boxes). It is also my Birthmonth and the month of E3! So, get ready for tons of gaming information and review..

What I’m Changing

There aren’t any changes being made this month, at least not yet.  I will continue to work on keeping social media up do date with everything going on in the blog, so make sure you are following on Instagram or Twitter.  Don’t forget that this is how you will also find out about posts, since there are no more dedicated days for posts. 

I am thinking about posting all of the new streaming releases for July, rather than just horror related releases.

What I’m Subscribing To

This month is going to be a crazy month for subscription boxes!  I cannot wait for them to start rolling in.

I have subscription to Loot Fright and will be getting my first box mid-June.  I have subscribed to Loot Crate before and was always impressed with the selection of items.  I can only imagine how great it’s going to be with horror items! This month’s theme is Flesh and Blood and the artwork that I’ve already seen was magnificent.

They also have a new box that is on presale.  Loot Sci-Fi will be shipping out in September.  I did subscribe to this and will be looking forward to some items from Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, and the X-Files. 

I will be getting my second FabFitFun box early June and I think that it will be another hit.  The first one was great and I am still using most of the items that came in.  Since they send full-size items, rather than samples, you actually get a ton of use out of what you get.  Ten out of ten would recommend. 

Last but not least, my first NightWorms box will also be coming early June.  The theme for this month is “Every Day is Halloween”.  I am super excited about this one, because it is similar to the Nocturnal Readers Box and I enjoyed the hell out of that box.

What I’m Watching

I haven’t watched GOT in a few years and have decided to rewatch it from the beginning before catching up on the last two seasons.  I have successfully avoided spoilers from the last season, all except the infamous Starbucks cup.

I am still really enjoying Cahlaflour and Morf on Twitch. If you are on Twitch, definitely check them out.

A new season of Black Mirror is coming to Netflix this month and I WILL be checking that out as soon as it is available! If you like crazy horror and sci-fi, I would advise you to do the same.

What I’m Playing

I had to factory reset my XBOX because of some issues I was having and got the chance to try out the Game Pass for only $1.  Because of this, I have a long list of games that I am looking forward to trying out over the next few months.  On my list is Alien: Isolation, Dead Island, Observer, Prey, Vampyr, and more.  I have already played, and loved, Layers of Fear and ARK. Layers of Fear was full of great jump scares and only took a few hours, so it is one that you can finish in one sitting. I also had a chance to play and review Layers of Fear 2!

I still haven’t gotten back into Fortnite too much.  But I do plan on playing it a little and unlocking some of the great outfits that they have available this season.    

What I’m Posting

We will have three subscription box posts this month.  I will try to post them ASAP.  That is one of the main reasons for doing away with set days for posting.  We will also have the regular monthly posts, some information from E3, and more. I’ve got a list of about 8 posts that I will for sure have done this month!