Last month was definitely an exciting month!  Can we top it?  I want to wish everyone a happy 4th of July.  I hope everyone has a great time and stays safe. 

What I’m Changing

I’m not necessarily changing anything this month, but I will work on getting content out all month long.  I took away the designated days in order to be able to post review and subscriptions in a timely manner.  Last month, however, that led to everything being posted early on in the month.  I will try to remedy this and get some good stuff out to you all month long. 

What I’m Subscribing To

I have an annual subscription to Loot Fright that I started back in May.  It is a bi-monthly subscription so for the year I will get six boxes.  I still haven’t received my May (June arrival) box, but am waiting patiently as I knew there were constant delays on these boxes.  They sent an email out yesterday advising that these would likely ship out the beginning of August.  I am not sure yet if it is something that I would recommend or not, but I will let you know if it is worth the wait when I get a box. 

I also have a pre-ordered subscription to Loot Sci-Fi.  That is supposed to be shipping around August, but we will see when the time comes.  I am hoping that it is not always as delayed as Loot Fright. 

FabFitFun is another subscription box that I participate in.  While this one is more aimed towards self-care and beauty products, rather than horror, I do still post reviews on these.  This is a quarterly box and we reviewed the summer box last month.  You can check it out here if you missed it.

I have been purchasing the Night Worms box and I do have a July box coming in.  I am probably not going to order the box for August, as I need to work on getting through the books I have.  This is especially hard during semesters when I am already crammed with text books that need to be read.  I would recommend this box to anyone who enjoys reading their horror!  Check out the June box here.   

What I’m Watching

If you aren’t already aware, Season 3 of Stranger Things will be on Netflix July 4th (TODAY).  Just in time for everyone to watch while they have a day off from work.  After I finish Stranger Things, I will start waiting on the last season of Orange is the New Black!

I am still super into Cahlaflour’s stream on Twitch.  If you enjoy horror games or Dead by Daylight, you should check her out.  I actually ordered some of her merch and should be getting it soon.

What I’m Playing

Dead by Daylight is the shit and I just cannot get enough of it.  I am currently working on leveling up all of my characters, so I can find out what outfits I get for prestiging my favorites. 

My new pastime is virtual reality.  I got my Oculus Quest in the mail about a week ago and am working my way through Beat Saber and a ton of other games.  I will be posting a review of the Oculus Quest and some of the games available so far later on in the month.  I need time to explore all of the free games and play with some friends that are receiving their own headsets this week. 

What I’m Posting

New Horror Streaming in July was posted a few days ago, so make sure you check that out.  I will be posting any subscription boxes that come my way this month.  It is a little hard to predict some of those (anything from LootCrate).  I will have a review of Stranger Things coming your way in just a few days.  Finally, to make sure I have some spread out posts, I will post some reviews about the Oculus and it’s games throughout the month.