Welcome back Gremlins!  This month I am super busy finishing up the semester in school.  I don’t think I will ever take three classes in one semester again.  I haven’t been super active, but I do plan on changing that as school winds back down. 

What I’m Changing

My goal this month is to go through all of my old posts and update them, as necessary.  This shouldn’t cause any down time, but some posts may be deleted.  I am doing this, for one, to make sure that all images are not copyright.  I will be going through and switching images for those that are free to use or are my own.  In an effort to make sure that everything on the site is legal and up to date, I will also be changing the privacy policy.  You probably don’t care too much about all this mumbo jumbo, but I want to keep everyone up to date. 

I am also working on getting back up and running on social media and may look into other options for keeping posts up to date. 

What I’m Subscribing To

I am still subscribed to Rue Morgue’s Coffin Crate and should be getting my bi-monthly box this month.  Keep an eye out for the review post!  This is one of my favorite subscriptions, since it has such a variety.  Each box has the latest issue of Rue Morgue Magazine, a movie, and various goodies. 

While not horror related, I just subscribed to FabFitFun.  Even though it isn’t horror related, I will still post a review for you guys when I get my first box.  This one seems to be a little late, since I subscribed after the first billing period.  It should still be here this month, though.

I am highly considering a subscription to Night Worms.  This is a newer horror book subscription box that was created by Sadie Hartmann and Ashley Saywers.  The box is full of books and original artwork.  I am still deciding on this one, but it may fill the hole that The Nocturnal Readers book left in my heart.  

If you are looking for more lovely subscription boxes, check out the latest reviews for BamBox Horror, Creeper Crate, and Horror Pack.  Some of these reviews are pretty old, but all of these boxes were promising.  If I ever start making money from the blog, I will definitely resubscribe to some (or all) of these gems. 

What I’m Watching

If you haven’t looked at all of the new horror movies on your favorite streaming platform, you need to check it out.  Also, I always stress that if there isn’t enough horror for you, check out Shudder.  It’s pretty cheap and is exclusively horror movies and shows. 

Pet Sematary will be in theaters this month.  April 5th to be exact.  I cannot wait to get to the theater for this one. 

What I’m Posting

I will try to catch up on my posts this month, along with all of the changes.  Once I’m caught up on all the posts, I will reevaluate the posting schedule and try to get back in the groove of posting a couple of times each week. 

The posts will be pretty much the same as always, Fortnite posts, movie reviews, subsctiption boxes, and more.  I will be studying my Rue Morgue stash to see if there are any sparks! 

What Else Is Going On

There are tons of famous birthdays in April, so it was hard to pick just one to celebrate.  I decided on Jack Nicholson.  “The Shining” actor was born on April 22nd, 1937.  Don’t forget to turn on the movie and pop some popcorn in honor of the great legend!

Don’t forget April Fools Day!  Make sure that you get all your jokes and pranks in order.  Earth day is also this month.  It is the same day as Jack Nicholson’s birthday!