If you have a The Nocturnal Reader’s Box subscription and have not yet received your box, please proceed with caution!  I tried to wait a while to make sure most people who subscribe have received their box.

This is the two of the three subscription boxes that I dabble with.  I ended up keeping the Bam Box for another month, so you will get to see that in March.  I recently added the HorrorPack to my subscriptions and will have my first shipment shortly.

Out of all of the subscription boxes that I have tried, the Nocturnal Reader’s Box is my favorite.  It combines horror books (which are hard to find locally), shirts, and trinkets.  If you remember from the Bam Box review that I posted, I love the trinkets.


Item List

S: Es by Koji Suzuki

This is the new release featured in the box.  Each box offers at least one new release title.  The latest release in the Ring saga follows Takanori Ando, who works at a small CGI Production company.  He is tasked to watch a live-streamed suicide.  His pregnant wife also watches the video, which triggers her.  I can not wait to find out what “triggers her” means!

“Sinking hooks into our unconscious from its very first pages with its creepy imagery, and rewarding curious fans of the series with clever self -references, here is a fitting sequel to a tale renowned for its ongoing mutations.”

The item card specifies that even though this is part of a series, it is a stand-alone and does not require knowledge of the first two books.

Cast a Cold Eye by Alan Ryan

The second book is a classic from Valancourt Books.  This book follows an American writer, Jack Quinlan, on a trip to Ireland.  A search for information about the town’s past and the resident’s strange behavior, Jack finds that the ghosts from the past live in the present.

“An atmospheric, hauting ghost story, Cast a Cold Eye (1984) is a slow burn horror novel that will keep readers in suspense until its chilling conclusion.”


Pin by Jeff at Exhumed Visions

Each box includes a pin.  This month’s pin was inspired by an idea for “WWI Soldier in his most terrifying form in Summer of Night”.  The pin was not my favorite, but you can never have too many pins.  I checked out exhumedvisions’ website and found some cool tees and mugs.

Bandana from Stephen Jones’ Mongrels

I have never read this book, but they say it is a different aspect of the story and that there are similar tales.  I may check it out, once my TBR stack gets a little lower.  There were two bandanas in my box, but I’m pretty sure most only received one.  Even without reading the book, the bandana is bad ass and will be worn.

Glass from Scott Smith’s The Ruins

Again, a book that I have not read.  One thing that I enjoy about the goodies in this box is that even without reading the book, the items are cool and usable.  The glass looks like a souvenir glass from the Mayan Peninsula and I will be using it.


 Nick Cutter’s The Deep Print

Each box includes a print.  The prints are always horror based and, being The Nocturnal Reader’s Box, this one is based on a book.

“Our art is one of the most terrifying scenes from Nick Cutter’s The Deep.  If you’ve read it, then you should recognize the bees, if not, GET ON IT!”

The Deep

Amityville Horror by Jay Anson T-Shirt

Though I haven’t read the book, I do enjoy the Amityville Horror films.  The t-shirt is a simple design, based on the famous line “For Gods Sake, Get Out!”.

Amityville Horror Shirt