So, funny story….I actually found this box when going through some stuff that was packed up to move and I hadn’t done a review on it yet. It was actually one of my favorite boxes and I don’t know how I let it slip by me! While I loved every Rue Morgue coffin crate because of the variety, this one was especially good.

If you haven’t seen my previous post about Rue Morgue’s Coffin Box, the March/April box was the last one. I actually included the letter that they sent with the box in the post. Go check it out, if you didn’t see it.

Also, if you are interested in either one, Rue Morgue and HorrorPack are still offering their regular subscriptions. Rue Morgue is a bi-monthly horror magazine and HorrorPack is a monthly DVD/Blu-ray subscription.

Coffin Crate November Box

Rue Morgue Magazine November/December

Coffin Crate November Rue Morgue

As always, I love their magazines. I can’t believe that I packed one up without realizing it! This month’s magazine even features one of my favorite franchises, Friday the 13th, in a special for Jason Goes to Hell’s 25th birthday. .


Coffin Crate November DVD

I don’t think that I would have purchased this on my own, but I love a good horror flick. If you could see my collection of all types of movies, you would understand how much these excite me!

Jaws T-Shirt

Coffin Crate November Shirt

This was my favorite part of this box! Jaws is a great classic and this t-shirt did it justice. Again, how did I pack this box and forget about it?!

Christmas Shot Glass

Coffin Crate November Shot Glass

Last but not least, this horror shot glass. “Halloween is my Christmas.” This statement is literally so accurate!