If you have a The Nocturnal Readers Box subscription and have not yet received your box, please proceed with caution!

This month’s Nocturnal Readers Box knocked my socks off!  Then again, when am I not?  The Nocturnal Readers Box is my favorite subscription because they are filled full of horrifying goodies.  The main content is the books, but there is also mugs, shirts, prints, pins, and other goodies.  Check out last month’s post if you want an idea of whats in each box.  The variety of the contents and the value included make this box to die for.  I also subscribe to horror pack and occasionally get a box from The Bam Box! Horror.  Rue Morgue is also putting together a bi-monthly box that you can check out if you are interested.

I tried to step up my game on picture taking for this box.  I am clueless when it comes to photography, though.  If you have any comments, advice, or tips, contact me on social media, comment here, or email me at admin@theunluckythirteen.com.  I greatly appreciate everyone who visits and interacts!  You guys are making my hard work worth-while.

Nocturnal Readers Box March Description

The Gone World by Tom Sweterlitsch

The Gone World is the new release featured in the box.  Each Nocturnal Readers Box shipment offers at least one new release title. I didn’t get one, but 1:4 of these books were signed.  This book is coming with me on vacation next week, and I can’t wait to dig in!

“A mind-blowing fusion of science fiction, thriller, existential horror, and apocalyptic fiction.” -Kirkus Reviews

“At once futuristic, nightmarish and hard-boiled.  Once again Tom Sweterllitsch takes readers to another world and back again.  Take the trip.” -Stewart O’Nan, author of Snow Angels

The Fury by John Farris

The Fury is the second book that came in this month’s Nocturnal Readers Box shipment.  This classic is by a living legend, John Farris.  Farris also wrote All Heads Will Turn When the Hunt Goes By (1977), Phantom Nights (2005), and Hight Bloods (2009).

“Few writers have Mr. Farris’s talent for masterfully devious plotting, the shatteringly effective use of violence, in-depth characterization and scenes of gibbering horror guaranteed to turn one’s blood into gelatin.” -New York Times

“Farris has a genius for creating compelling suspense.” -Peter Benchley

Nocturnal Readers Box March Books


Nocturnal Readers Box March Pin

Wooden Pin Inspired by Robert Chamber’s The King In Yellow

Nocturnal Readers Box March Shirt

Each box includes a pin.  This month’s pin was inspired by Robert Chamber’s The King In Yellow.  The book is being released in hardcover by Penguin Random House.  I’m not too into pins, but this wooded pin by The Wooden Pin is the shit.  I checked out their site, and they have tons of awesome pins that are all wooden.  I could stand a few more of these!

T-Shirt Gary Oldman Dracula

The shirt in this month’s Nocturnal Readers Box shipment is based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  It is super dark with vibrant reds and especially bloody.  This will be packed right next to my new books for my trip.  I always love the wearables that are included in their shipments.  They pick wearables that are true to the box themes and will actually be worn!  The Nocturnal Readers Box has used the artist before on their Poe Coasters.  You can check out Vitor Willemann’s work @willemannart on Insta.

Nocturnal Readers Box March MugJack Ketchum Memorial Style Mug

Nocturnal Readers Box March Print

This month, The Nocturnal Readers Box included a mug by Jeff from at Exhumed Visions to memorialize the late        Jack Ketchum.  They added in the item description,  “I can’t explain the hurt I felt when we heard of Dallas’ passing.  Hopefully, this mug will be a small piece to show you how much he meant to us.  RIP.”  For those who didn’t know, Ketchum was the author of The Girl Next Door, Red, and the Offspring (all made into movies).  He passed at the age of 71 on January 24, 2018.

Ana Godis’ Brady Hartsfield Print

The Nocturnal Readers Box shipments always include a print!  This month’s print is based on “our favorite ice cream man” Brady Hartsfield from Stephen King’s Bill Hodges trilogy.  The trilogy includes Mr. Mercedes (2014), Finders Keepers (2015), and End of Watch (2016).  I have wanted to read these for awhile now but have yet to buy them.  I have so many books in my TBR pile from the Nocturnal Readers Box that I don’t regularly pick out my own.  You can find more of Ana Godis’ work @ana_godis on Insta.

Nocturnal Readers Box March GoodiesOther Goodies

This month’s Nocturnal Readers Box shipment also included a bookmark inspired by The Elementals by Michael McDowell and some stickers based on Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series.  The bookmark is a representation of the McCray and Savage home from the book.  The stickers are to choose your side, either the Gunslinger or the Crimson King.