I literally just pulled this out of the mail! So if you have a subscription of your own and want to be surprised, stop now! This was my first package from NightWorms and I am so happy that I tried it out. If you were a fan of the Nocturnal Readers Box, then this is the box for you. I was surprised at how many “goodies” came with it, since I knew this was primarily for the books.

The books weren’t in the best condition due to the method of packaging (padded envelope) and you can see the bends on the coloring book and Haunted Nights. This didn’t really bother me and I would hate to have to pay more for shipping, so I am fine with the small amount of damage. I will be purchasing July’s package as well, so keep an eye out for that! Also, I tried to “sample” the books before writing the post, so I hope that helps anyone interested in the books or the subscription.

  • Nightworms June Books

The October Country by Ray Bradbury

This collection features 19 short stories from Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451. I read the first story, The Dwarf, and it was very well written. I was able to read it pretty quickly, so these would be great for a nice bedtime spook! The buildup was nice and I am hoping that all of the stories are just as good.

Halloween Fiends

This book by C.V. Hunt is 103 pages, which I like. I am a fan of the smaller books that can be read in one night, just like the games you can finish in a few hours. After reading the first chapter, the book seems to be well written with an interesting premise. I am excited to get going on this one and find out more about the creature called Halloween.

Haunted Nights

This is another book full of many stories. A Horror Writers Association Anthology. This book has 16 stories from different authors, all having something to do with Halloween. I haven’t read any of the stories, but I read the introduction. It seems like the stories relate to Halloween history and traditions. I am super excited for this one! It also fits so well with the NightWorms theme of the month, “Everyday is Halloween”.

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Coloring Book by Kelli Owen

This coloring book is the coolest! It is short enough that you aren’t overwhelmed by the time that it will take you to color the entire thing, but its more than just a page or two. Each letter has a corresponding picture with an explanation filled with the letter. There are pictures of the pages for “C” and “W” above.


Included was a small bag of Pumpkin Pie Chai, which I am super excited to try. I am not much of a tea drinker but I love a good iced chai. There is also a print, a pencil, a pin, and three bookmarks (the girl is my favorite).


This months shipment included items from @penguinrandomhouse @EllenDatlow @CVHunt @fred.a.scare_emporium @astrangerdream @WordHorde and @Kelli_Owen. Make sure you check them out if you are interested in the products included in the NightWorms subscription!

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