I really enjoy this box! The NightWorms subscription is full of books and bookmarks, stickers and magnets. It is worth the price, too. I usually don’t talk too much about the pricing of subscription boxes. For almost $40.00 you get at least two books (sometimes three) plus all the extras that come each month (including pencils, bookmarks, stickers, magnets, prints, etc.). Lets dive right in!

40 Year Anniversary Issue of FANGORIA and Swag

I really, really love horror magazines. They bring together the best of horror stories, movie reviews, interviews, and behind the scenes scoops. I was super excited to get the 40th Anniversary Issue of Fangoria and see what all it entailed. I like the diversity of articles that was included in this massive magazine, but they were all pretty long. My preference is a mixture of short and long articles. That way, you can pick something that fits in your schedule no matter what is going on.

The package also included a FANGORIA sticker and a business card size print with a discount code for 10% off of a subscription.


This book, based on the summary from the back of the book, is about a child that inspires ire and pity. He is adopted from the orphanage by an elderly person and the story goes with him on his journey through our “cruel and judgmental world”.

I honestly did not even read the entire first chapter. The idea of the book sounds great, but the writing style wasn’t for me. There were too many complex words and it seemed like Zahler was overdoing it with the amount of adjectives included. It isn’t that I didn’t understand what he was saying, I did, it just seemed uneasy and unnatural to read in a relaxed setting. I am sure that the book has a great plot since it was picked for the July’s package, but it just isn’t the book for me.

The Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson

The Saturday Night Ghost Club is a coming-of-age story about a group of kids investigating the local ghost stories that haunt their town.

The first chapter of this book has me hooked. It was so cute, focusing on Jake Baker and his wild imagination. He has determined that there is a ghost in his closet and, with the help of his uncle Colvin, traps it in a small piece of rock. The story just draws you in. You can remember all the times that you were scared a child and also relate to the uncle, helping the child overcome these fears. I cannot wait to dive into this one and find out what ghost stories the kids come across.

Bookmarks and Goodies

In addition to the FANGORIA goodies, this month’s NightWorms package included a few really cool bookmarks. You can see in the pictures, the amazing wooden bookmark by The Bookish Den. It’s a little thick, but I still plan on using it! Also included was a magnet created by comic book artist Adam Gorham. Finally, there were some promotional items for Dawn Kurtagich, Kelli Own, and Chad Lutzke.

Still not sure about the NightWorms subscription? Check out their June package.