Sorry for not posting last week.  I was on vacation and my computer didn’t make it into the car, but I am ready to go for the following weeks with a few post ideas lined up.  I came home to a HorrorPack in the mailbox, as well as an FYE order!  The FYE movie haul also finished my Nightmare on Elm Street collection, so that will be coming soon (a little later than planned).  There are a few more ideas that are still in the works, but may be coming next month!  New ideas are always welcome, especially those that will interest you guys, so comment your critiques and ideas!

March’s list was a little late so  I decided to get ahead of the month this time and post early.  I use all three streaming platforms, as well as Shudder.  With so many ways to watch, horror is everywhere!  This list is not all-inclusive and I haven’t watched all the movies, so let us know which ones you enjoyed.  If you see any others that were recently added, feel free to comment so others can check it out!

My second post this week will be my post on the newest HorrorPack, so tons of movie content this week!  If you haven’t already, you can check out last months HorrorPack here!  I subscribe to the blu-ray pack, and the movies included so far have been phenomenal!  I am excited to share with you guys what was included and am working on getting those movies watched before Wednesday’s post.

Streaming on Netflix


The Chalet: Season 1 – April 17


Cabin Fever – April 1

Cabin Fever Cover Art

Cabin Fever 2 – April 1

Deep Blue Sea – April 1

Seven – April 1

The Lost Boys – April 1

The Lost Boys Cover Art

Streaming on Hulu


Containment: Season Premiere – April 19

Containment Art


The Arrival – April 1

Cube – April 1

Cube 2: Hypercube – April 1

The Cube 2 Cover Art

Cube Zero – April 1

The Dead Zone – April 1

From Dusk Til Dawn – April 1

Murder in the Dark – April 1

Pumpkinhead – April 1

Pumpkinhead Cover Art

The Wicked Within – April 1

Zombies of Mass Destruction – April 1

It Follows – April 23

It Follows Cover Art

Streaming on Amazon


Carrie (1976) – April 1

Friday the 13th – April 1

Hangman – April 1

Hangman Cover Art

Hellbenders – April 1

Paranormal Activity – April 1

Texas Chainsaw Massacre II – April 1

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Cover Art

The Rage: Carrie 2 – April 1