So you have all, hopefully, seen the first new addition to TheUnluckyThirteen!  If you haven’t, you need to check out my Fallout: Vault 76 post.  I already have another post set to publish in that category, so come back and check it out.  This post is the first of many in the new M.O. category and will be focusing on Luis Garavito.  This, and future, M.O. posts will entertaining AND informative.  Since serial killers make up a lot of horror movie content and are the reason we don’t walk down allies alone at night, why not share information that will keep you up at night?

The Good Stuff: Luis Garavito

To start us off, I chose Luis Garavito for the first M.O. post for two reasons.  For one, he has the highest number of confirmed kills.  He has an even higher number of unconfirmed kills, much like most other serial killers.  And two, whether due to a lack of information or just ignorance, I had never heard of him.

The Facts

Common Names: La Bestia, El Loco, Tribilin

Date of Birth: January 25, 1957

Location: Colombia

Crimes: Rape, Torture, Mutilation

Victims: Young Boys (Aged 6-16)

Confirmed Kills: 138

Possible Kills: 300+

Luis Garavito’s Young Life

Luis Garavito is the oldest of seven brothers and a victim of physical and emotional abuse, himself.  Because of the abuse, he left home and began working immediately and traveled to keep up with the jobs available.  Despite all of his traveling, he had friends and a love life.

Luis Garavito’s Kills

Luis Garavito preyed on young boys that were poor and homeless, targeting those between the ages of 6 and 16.  To gain their trust, he would disguise himself as priests, farmers, street vendors, drug dealers, etc.  Once his identity was hidden, he would gain the confidence of the young boys by offering them money, easy work, and other goods that interested them.  In addition to that, he would take the boys on a long walk, wearing them out to the point that they couldn’t fight back or run.

After they were tired out, Garavito would tie up their hands, remove their clothes, and torture, rape, and decapitate them.  He performed horrific acts on the boys before disposing of the bodies and the empty booze bottles.

The Investigation and Sentencing of Luis Garavito

Once the boys began disappearing and coming up dead, the police started their investigation.  The investigation was complicated by the wide area in which bodies were turning up, some were meters away and others were cities apart.  The investigation was looking up, though, when a note with an address was found at one of the crime scenes, leading the police to Garavito’s girlfriend.  She hadn’t seen him in a while and didn’t have any information on his whereabouts, but she did have some of his old possessions.  These possessions (pictures of young boys, a murder journal, victim tally marks, and bills) led the police to the conclusion that Luis Garavito was the suspect they had been looking for.

Finally, Luis Garavito was picked up by police on April 22, 1999, for unrelated rape allegations and was arrested.  The police didn’t know, at that time, that they had captured one of the worst serial killers and most wanted men in Colombia.  They used an eye exam along with DNA tests to prove that he was the man responsible for over 140 children rapes and murders.  He was sentenced to 1,853 years and 9 days in prison on 138 of the 172 accounts of murder.  Colombia limits imprisonment to 40 years and he was given even more time off for helping the police locate all of the bodies, leaving him with a 22 year sentence ending in 2021.

Reference and More Information on Luis Garavito