Layers of Fear 2 was released May 27th at 11pm.  If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, check it out!  I heard about Layers of Fear from the XBOX Game Pass and I actually just played the first game a week or two ago, just in time for the release of the second installment.  I would recommend doing this, if you haven’t already played the first one.  Cahlaflour and Morf have both streamed the game on Twitch, if you want to watch some of the actual game play!

I enjoyed the game quite a bit, but I am not sure if it tops the original. The game play was good and the artwork was fantastic, but some parts of the game just didn’t do it for me.

Black and White

Many of the scenes would switch from color to black and white, with some later scenes introducing red. The black and white was probably my least favorite part of the game. The lack of color took away from the beautiful artwork and left me wanting more throughout the game.

9 Hour Game Play

I did enjoy that this game seemed to be much longer than the original, especially for the price. I was skeptical about paying $30 for a game that could only last three to four hours. Going slowly, it took me around nine hours to complete. This was with other distractions and not playing straight through. Cahlaflour’s stream was around seven and a half hours, which is still longer than the orignial.


Finally, the story was not as good as the story in the original game, in my opinion. There was quite a bit going on and sometimes the story wasn’t as clear as it could have been.


With multiple endings, I could definitely play through this game again soon. I enjoy the shorter games that can be completed in a day or two and that makes it even easier to be a perfectionist in the Layers of Fear games. You could replay the game, getting all of the extras, and not spend too long trying to do it!

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