The HorrorPack Subscription

This month’s HorrorPack was full of great flicks that were all new to my collection!  The March HorrorPack featured Silent House, The Rite, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and Psycho Killer.  I am definitely going to renew my subscription after I get my last one in April.  You can check out February’s HorrorPack review here.  Spoiler alert: Do not go any further if you subscribe to the HorrorPack and have not received or watched your movies!

I added stars next to the film titles this time.  I am using five stars for perfection and one for wish I didn’t waste my time.  As always, feel free to comment and let everyone know what you thought of the movies, the ratings, or both!

HorrorPack Silent House

Silent House **

Silent House wasn’t the worst movie I have ever seen, but it wasn’t even close to the best.  The idea was very cliche in my opinion, finishing off with an average ending.  The idea of a young woman suppressing her childhood nightmares only to remember them years later.  But she doesn’t remember them, at first.  She loses her mind thinking that someone else is in the house with her for way too long.  If the movie was shorter or if there was more action, it would have been much better.  To me, it just lasted too long for the amount of time spent on story line and scares.

HorrorPack The Rite

The Rite ****

I remembered seeing The Rite but didn’t remember the details or the ending.  I love a good possession movie and this is just that!  The Rite was full of twists and turns and a good amount of jump scares.  This was one of the most fun movies to watch from this month’s HorrorPack.  I especially enjoyed that the priest was possessed.  I haven’t noticed much of that in possession movies and that is what separates The Rite from other movies in the genre.

HorrorPack Bram S. Dracula

Bram Stoker’s Dracula ****

I had actually never seen this before getting it from HorrorPack!  As soon as I opened the box, I was excited to finally get the chance.  The film itself was different than I had expected, I guess since my vampire knowledge stems from 30 Days of Night and The Lost Boys (which will be available to stream next month).  Bram Stoker’s Dracula reminded me of Romeo and Juliet!  Dracula is stricken with grief after arriving home to a dead wife.  Short version: he finds her lifetimes later reincarnated as Mina.  After Mina remembers him, she wants nothing more than to be what he is and live as he lives.  Full of action and adventure, this is one of those all around good films with a little something for every taste.

P.S. It really confused me that Dracula was a wolf throughout the movie.  I was waiting for Dracula’s nemesis to come out at any time until I found out that he was the werewolf.

HorrorPack Psycho Killer

Psycho Killer ***

Psycho Killer surprised me.  The film art was good but I had never seen or even heard of it.  I was expecting some weird, off the wall movie with questionable filming.  Thank goodness, I was wrong!  I wouldn’t say it is the greatest movie or my favorite, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  The beginning was a little rough and implied that the movie was going to focus on perverts and be written in bad taste (last month’s HorrorPack included one like this).  The film follows Ella as she realized that she has urges to kill.  Thinking they are sexual, she visits a strip club and finds her first victim.  The killing continues until she is arrested with seventeen kills under her belt.  The acting was pretty good and the filming wasn’t terrible.  She even gets out of jail, in the end, and leaves with her boyfriend to go find her father.

FYE & Vintage Stock Movie Haul

This month I had two very good movie hauls!  I ordered some movies right before I left on vacation and came home to a box full of horror.  I also visited a store called Vintage Stock and bought a mystery bag.  The bag guaranteed 25+ movies and I went for it.

FYE Movie Haul

My FYE movie haul finished a few collections for me.  I already had Insidious and completed that with the second and third additions.  War for the Planet of the Apes is the newest movie it the series and was the only one I was missing.  As I mentioned in Monday’s post about new horror streaming releases, I was missing the newest Nightmare on Elm Street.  With that collection finished, I can now work on a review post for the entire collection.  The silence of the Lambs is one of my favorites, but I had not seen any of the other Hannibal films.  I now have all four of them and may do a review on those, as well.  After finding out that Split was a continuation of Unbreakable, it was added to my list of movies to get.  Lastly, Trick ‘r Treat, because every horror and Halloween obsessed person should have a copy of this!

The mystery bag from Vintage Stock was different and exciting.  If you can’t tell by all of my monthly subscription boxes, I like a good surprise.  The bag included all kinds of movies, mostly action like Casino Royale and Sniper (one and two).  The gems in the bag were The Bone Collector, Breathing Room, Captivity, Club Dread, and Dark Fields.