The HorrorPack Subscription

Once again, the HorrorPack delighted me with movies that I don’t already have.  April’s HorrorPack featured Dawn of the Dead, The Horseman, 4/20 Massacre, and Hobo with a Shotgun.  I was down to renew my subscription, but it is on hold.  HorrorPack is the distributor (?) of the Rue Morgue subscription box and I wanted to see what that was about before continuing my regular subscription.  The Rue Morgue subscription is bimonthly though, so I’ll be craving something to keep me up at night in the months in between.

Spoiler alert: Do not go any further if you subscribe to the HorrorPack and have not received or watched your movies!

For those of you that haven’t read March’s review, I am using five stars for perfection and one for wish I didn’t waste my time.  As always, feel free to comment and let everyone know what you thought of the movies, the ratings, or both!

HorroPack AllMovies

Dawn of the Dead ****

Dawn of the Dead is a good ‘ol zombie flick filled with all the favorites.  Twitchers, runners, slow-motion gunshots, and even a few good romances.  This movie contains so much that I don’t even know where to begin.  I would have to say one of the scenes that stuck with me throughout the film was the birth and death of the zombie baby.  This movie keeps you engaged and entertained from beginning to end.  The group, all stuck in a mall, has its ups and downs but always sticks together for the best of the group.  The freak accident in the getaway van had me sitting up straight and biting my nails!

HorrorPack DawnoftheDead


The Horseman *

Ehhh.  This movie wasn’t for me.  I was bored and kept zoning out through the entire thing.  The plot had potential.  A father seeking revenge for the death of his daughter, made better by the fact that she was killed during/after a porno was filmed.  The acting, or something else, just left me bored.  The end was a plot twist, for sure (I managed to make it to the end on the second attempt)!  Just because it wasn’t for me, doesn’t mean that it won’t be for you!

HorrorPack Horseman

4/20 Massacre ***

Another miss on this one for me.  It wasn’t terrible, by any means, just not my forte.  I figured going into this one that I wouldn’t be super impressed.  Stoner movies aren’t as fun when you aren’t stoned to watch them.  This movie is different than most, though.  The dialogue and acting is done well, leaning more towards an indie type than full-on stoner laughs.  The ending, as the title implies, is similar to most other slasher or massacre movies with different deaths occurring in a rapid sequence.  (Also, I couldn’t tell if the killer was in a ghillie suit or if it was supposed to be Sasquatch or a ghillie suit with built-in claws!)

HorrorPack 420Massacre

Hobo with a Shotgun ****

I’ve seen this movie before!  I’m not sure when it was taken off, but it was on Netflix at least five years ago.  On a side note, there is a preview of the film for Rubber!  The entire movie is mind-blowing and you will say “What the Fuck?!” more times in an hour and twenty-six minutes than you have in your entire life.  The movie follows a hobo trying to save humanity in a psychotic and violent town with his handy-dandy shotgun.  This movie is along the same lines as Rubber or Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.  It’s entertaining and a good-time to watch, but not too many jump scares and won’t follow you to bed at night.

HorrorPack HobowithaShotgun