The Horror Pack Subscription

This is my first shipment from the Horror Pack, and I bought it after seeing an add while looking for a copy of Dead Hooker in a Trunk.  The February Horror Pack included a Blu-ray copy of the movie, and the price was right, so I subscribed (for three months).  The shipment came relatively quickly, and the movies were all new additions to my horror collection.  The February Horror Pack included Dead Hooker in a Trunk, The Fly, A Brush with Death, Harvest of Fear, and The Chernobyl Diaries.  The Chernobyl Diaries intrigued me as soon as I got all four movies out of the box and I knew I was watching it first.  Dead Hooker in a Trunk would just have to wait.

The Horror Pack is going to be a keeper!  As with all subscription boxes, the longer you pay in advance, the cheaper each month is.  If the next two months are as good as this one, I may go for a full year.  My March update post listed all of my subscriptions.

Horror Pack Dead Hooker in a Trunk/The Fly

Dead Hooker in a Trunk

Well, it was not what I expected.  I fell in love with the Soska Sister’s American Mary and was on a mission to see this film.  There were some good parts and some not so good parts to it.

This movie was a mess, in the right way.  My favorite part was when one person was missing an eye, another was missing an arm, and Sylvia (as Badass) is walking around the car with the dismembered arm.  The plot was interesting and somewhat realistic.  The group is trying to find a way to cope with finding the dead hookers body, though there was plenty of imagination involved.

The picture quality was lousy.  I knew, before watching the movie, that it was filmed with a nonexistent budget and wasn’t expecting anything exceptional.  The camera was shaky, at times, and the picture was pixelated.  I didn’t like that they changed the color to reflect the mood.  In my opinion, it wasn’t hard to tell when they were mad or being promiscuous and this distracted me from what was going on.  I wondered if this was supposed to be what they were seeing or if it was for intensity.

Overall, I wasn’t disappointed!  I would like to see what they would change if they remade the film with a higher (which would be any) budget and backing.

The Fly

This movie was beyond anything I had imagined.  A mixture of romance, sci-fi, and horror, The Fly brought concepts together in a way that they complemented each other.

Some of the scenes were grotesque.  Even as an avid horror fan, I had to look away during some scenes.  The worst was the fingernail scene, and you’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen it.

Cronenberg captured the true essence of a human becoming a fly in every scene following the teleportation.  His transformation from handsome and smart scientist to “185lb fly” was brought to life throughout the movie.  He made the movie in such a way that it seemed possible.  The method was phenomenal and the execution the same.

The ending of the film was emotional and full of action.  You felt the pain as the Seth (as the fly fused with the telepod) begs (through body language, not words) Veronica to kill him.  I was left wondering if she went through with the abortion and if she got back together with Stathis.

Double Feature/Chernobyl Diaries

A Brush With Death

This wasn’t the worst movie in the Horror Pack but also wasn’t the best.  In A Brush With Death, some teenage girls take a trip to a secluded house.  They run into a creepy old man and end up escaping.  Unfortunately, you don’t get to avoid the flashbacks of the old man and his “assistant” attacking other young women.

Anyways…the plot was confusing to follow but wasn’t terrible.  The house they are staying in ends up being next to a house with a sad past, and they (of course) decide that they need to spend a night in the seemingly empty and terrifying home.  A redeeming element to this movie was that the unexpected “good guy” that came to light at the end.  The element of surprise at what was happening and who was involved kept me watching until the end.

The acting was rough but seemed to get better as time went on.  The voices were also not in sync with the camera and sounded like a voice-over.

Harvest of Fear

Not a fan of this movie.  I would have to say that this is my least favorite from the Horror Pack.

If you read my Friday the 13th review post, you’ll know that I like satisfying storylines with solid action.  This movie was lacking in those areas.  The first kill is a guy and his topless girlfriend, already leaning towards killer cliches.  The filming wasn’t as bad as others in the Horror Pack, but the picture had a 3D look to it every once in awhile, making it hard to focus.

Not really much else to say about this one.  The ending was not a saving grace, and it is ANOTHER (not well known) slasher film with bouncing boobies and a mask.

Chernobyl Diaries

I was most excited about this movie after looking over all of the movies in the Horror Pack and reading their descriptions.  This movie was better than I expected.  It started slowly with a group of travelers being a little too adventurous.  The group decides (some hesitantly) to go on a tour of Chernobyl, a quarantined city that experienced nuclear fallout.  They have some trouble getting in but eventually succeeds and is shown around by an “experienced” tour guide.  Slowly, they realize their mistake.

I enjoyed the wild animals running loose, just as they would in a deserted town.  The group works to avoid the animals, not realizing that there is a more significant threat lurking in the shadows.  The movie’s action grew gradually until most of the travelers were consumed by the people living in the town.

The ending was a bit off and confusing.  One of the travelers survived, but only to be thrown in a cell with the other “patients”.  The problem with this ending is that you are left to wonder if those in the town are a science experiment or if the doctor takes them in to find a cure for the radiation side-effects.  I tried to clarify by watching the alternate ending with not much more to offer.