I was going to save this for my Monday post, but it just cannot wait.  If you play Fortnite, then you already know season 6 is now live.  As of around five yesterday morning, the game has been opened up and has the new season has begun.

I recently got into Fortnite and only played the last few weeks of Season 5.  I made it to Tier 38 and got the backpack that I wanted and then played through the weekend.  There were only a few days left in the Season and so I stopped playing and started looking for leaks of information for the new Season.

I found a few articles that said the new Season was going to have a Halloween theme, but I didn’t believe it.  I kept scouring for anything I could find about the new Season.  The more I looked, the more excited I became.

Finally, yesterday morning, I logged on and was so surprised by all of the Halloween themed items that were on the Battle Pass and I couldn’t wait to share them all with you.  If you have never paid for the BattlePass, this is the Season to do it.  There are so many great items to score in the next ten weeks.  Anything that you unlock, moves with you from season to season, too.  If you still aren’t convinced, you only have to pay once if you make enough Tiers.  Some of the tier rewards are v-bucks, which you can use to purchase next season’s BattlePass.

6.1 Opening 2 6.1 Opening 16.1 Opening 3

BattlePass Rewards

There are a few in particular that I am going for, but I like almost everything.  Aside from the loading screens and emoticons, everything is pretty solid.  I have decided that I am going for Tier 100.   Along the way, I am looking forward to the various bat items, Fable outfit, Dusk outfit, Scales pet, and the Jack-O-Lantern contrail.

6.1 DJ Yonder6.1 Calamity6.1 Picnic6.1 Bonesy6.1 Ghost6.1 Giddy-Up 6.1 Fable 6.1 JackOLantern6.1 Dusk Wings6.1 Bat 6.1 Dusk6.1 Swarm6.1 Dire


Week One Challenges

While the rewards are well worth the $9.50 it costs to purchase the BattlePass, the challenges are the reason that I decided to buy it.  The challenges give you more to do than just running around and playing the game.  Just like the rewards, you are able to gain some of them without the BattlePass.  Here is a list of the week one challenges and the stars that they give.  When you buy the BattlePass, you also get additional outfit challenges and awards for completing each week.

The Week One Challenges include landing in specific areas, applying shields, finding legendary items, opening chests, eliminations, and dancing under different spotlight speakers.  The speakers can be found at Pleasant Park, the soccer stadium, Tilted Towers, Greasy Grove, outside of Flush Factory, Retail Row, Risky Reels, and the parking lot at Lazy Links.  The Calamity challenges are completed by scoring XP and finishing weekly challenges.  The Hunting Party Challenges are completed by finishing all of the challenges each week.

6.1 Challenges6.1 Calamity Challenges 6.1 Hunting Party Challenges