I am not a huge fan of the week two challenges, but at least I know that I will get them done by playing the game.  If not now, I will easily get them in the next few weeks.  In my opinion, there are enough of the elimination and damage challenges given in the daily challenges and the weekly challenges are a way to get into the game and have some other objectives.

Here’s the list of season 6, week 2 challenges:


  • Visit all of the Corrupted Areas (0/7)
  • Use a Shadow Stone in Different Matches (0/3)
  • Stage 1: Deal damage with standard Assault Rifles to opponents (HARD) (0/200)

Battle Pass

  • Eliminate an opponent from at least 50M away (0/1)
  • Deal damage with pistols to opponents (0/500)
  • SMG Eliminations (HARD) (0/3)
  • Stage 1: Deal damage with Hunting Rifles to opponents

W2 Challenges

Visit all of the Corrupted Areas (0/7)

This challenge is a pretty easy one that can be completed in a game or two.  I stretched it into three games, just so I didn’t have to keep going to them for the Shadow Stones.  While there are chests in these locations, you might want to have a back-up plan, because quite a few people land in the corrupted areas and you might not get any good items.  The areas are very easy to find by looking on the map and you can see them when you are falling.  Just make sure that you keep track of where you have already landed.

W2 Map

Use a Shadow Stone in Different Matches (0/3)

This is another challenge that can be done in a measly three rounds.  It can be combined with the corrupted area visits, too, since that is where you will find the shadow stones.  I did both of the challenges together in three games.

Stage 1: Deal Damage with Standard Assault Rifles to Opponents (0/200)

This is the first installment of the first shooting-based challenge for the week.  Get ready to spray and pray as this is the first of many.  Stage two is the same but using a burst assault rifle.  Again with stage three but this time with a suppressed assault rifle.  The third will probably be the hardest to complete, since you have to find a suppressed assault rifle in order to complete it.

Eliminate an Opponent from at least 50M Away (0/1)

The second shooting-based challenge of the week, this challenge has to do with distance and does not matter which gun you choose.  While the snipers and scoped assault rifles are probably the best for this challenge, you can complete it however you choose.

Deal Damage with Pistols to Opponents (0/500)

Another shooting-based challenge, are you catching on to this week’s theme yet?  This one was surprisingly easy to accomplish with just a few good games.  I found it easiest to use the suppressed pistol (it is the best in my opinion).  I have never been a heavy pistol user, but I actually finished this before any of the other shooting challenges.

SMG Eliminations (0/3)

This one may be a little more complicated than just dealing damage, since you have to actually eliminate the opponent.  Also, in my own experience, I find SMGs less than any other type of gun.  So, right along with the silenced assault rifle, this may take a while just to find the appropriate gun.

Stage 1: Deal Damage with Hunting Rifles to Opponents (0/3)

Finally, we have made it to the end of this week’s list of challenges and we arrive at the final shooting-based challenge…for this week.  We are back to dealing damage, which is easier to accomplish over a few games than actual eliminations.  I play a lot of 50 Vs. 50 when trying to complete my challenges and find that I do not get as many eliminations as I feel that I should.  I can hit someone for over 100 damage and only get credit for an assist.  This makes it pretty hard to rack up eliminations in a quick time-frame, especially for one type of gun.  Stage two requires the use of a bolt-action sniper rifle (which I hate).  Lastly, stage three call for damage by heavy sniper rifles.

Hunting Party Challenge

Obviously, the main challenge here is to complete all of the weekly challenges.  That is the only way to complete each of the hunting party challenges.  On top of that, though, there is a sneaky little battle star.  This week’s battle star is hidden at the road intersection just north of paradise palms.

Calamity Challenges Update

Based on season five XP levels, the following is a list of levels that you need to make it to in order to unlock each of the Calamity outfits.

Stage One 20,000 XP – Level 19

Stage Two 50,000 XP – Level 30

Stage Three 90,000 XP – Level 39

Stage Four 140,000 XP – Level 48

Stage Five 200,000 XP – Level 56


On top of that, you have to finish weekly challenges to unlock different hats.

Teal – Complete 10 Weekly Challenges (1.5 Weeks)

Purple – Complete 25 Weekly Challenges (3.5 Weeks)

Black – Complete 50 Weekly Challenges (7.5 Weeks)


To get the matching pickaxe, all you have to do is complete all of the other challenges.  Once you have unlocked all of the Calamity outfits and hats, you will also get the pickaxe to match.

W2 Calamity

Dire Challenges Update

Again, based on season five XP levels, the following list is the levels that you need to be to unlock the Dire outfits.

Stage One – Tier 100

Stage Two 30,000 XP – Level 23

Stage Three 70,000 XP – Level 35

Stage Four 120,000 XP – Level 45

Stage Five 180,000 XP – Level 53

Stage Five 250,000 XP – Level 61


On top of that, you have to finish weekly challenges to unlock different colored outfits.

Blue – Complete 20 Weekly Challenges (3 Weeks)

Yellow – Complete 40 Weekly Challenges (6 Weeks)

Brown – Complete 60 Weekly Challenges (8.5 Weeks)


To get the matching back bling, you have to complete all eight challenges.  Once all of the outfits and colors have been unlocked, you will be rewarded with the back bling to match!

W2 Dire