The Creeper Crate is hard to read, but I am super excited for next month’s Santa Carla box!  Last month was a hit, but this month was just “okay” for me.  The Creeper Crate’s Werewolf box was very true to the theme though, with a few hit items.

If you haven’t seen the latest boxes from Creeper Crate, check out their Scream and Vincent Price boxes, too.

Werewolf Item Guide

“Wrists are for Girls” Enamel Pin by Demonic Pinfestation

Everyone signing up for horror themed, or any pop culture, boxes know that pins come in every box.  It is always exciting to see what new addition will come for me to add to my collection.  I know that I have said this over and over again, but I need to find a way to show off all of my horrific pins.  This pin definitely fits in with my other gruesome scores.  “Wrists are for girls, I’m slitting my throat.”

Werewolf Pin and Keychain

Silver Bullet Keychain

I love the goodies that come in each box and this is a winner.  My Friday the 13th lanyard is full of scorpions, zombie babies, and key tags from Crystal Lake.  This silver bullet keychain will make a great addition!

Werewolf Plaque

Slaughtered Lamb Wall Plaque

The Slaughtered Lamb wall plaque from An American Werewolf in London is spot on.  The plaque seems to be great quality and will be hanging on a nail very, very soon.

Werewolf Mousepad

“Stay off the Moors” Mousepad

This item wasn’t my favorite, but it still may come in handy.

Werewolf Shot Glass

“Beware the Moon” Shot Glass

Unlike a mousepad, a shot glass can definitely be put to use.  I don’t know anyone who claims to have too many cups or shot glasses and this one will go right next to my Spirit Halloween blood splatter shot glass.

Werewolf The Wolf Man Sticker

Wolfman & Howling Stickers

Stickers are always a great filler for boxes, in my opinion.  I feel like the more the merrier and as long as there are a few good quality items, I never mind a few stickers to get the item counts up.  The Wolfman sticker is my favorite for sure.

Werewolf The Howling Sticker