While I did get my first box last month, Creeper Crate is still a new one for me.  I am still undecided about the content of the box as it is very different from the June’s box.  I was under the impression when signing up that there would be tons of bath products, but it isn’t.  It is, however, filled with great content that is true to each month’s theme.  This month’s theme is Vincent Price and they didn’t fail to celebrate the late icon.

Vincent Price Contents

“Vincent Price on Haunted Hill” Enamel Pin

While it doesn’t top my Jason pin from the Bam Box review, this pin is awesome.  I need to get something to put all these pins on and stop stashing them away.  I love the added noose and black and white colors!

Vincent Price Pin and Patch

“The Inventor” Iron On Patch

The patch included in this month’s Creeper Crate was made by Demonic Pinfestation, same as the pin.  Another take on Vincent Price, this patch is adorable (in the most horrifying way).  Vincent Price holding a heart goes great with the pin featuring his head loosely wrapped in a noose!

Vincent Price Memorium T-Shirt

T-shirts are the best, especially horror t-shirts.  I cannot wait to wear this shirt.  It is truly inspired by the great Vincent Price (my eyes went straight to the fly)!

Vincent Price Tee

Vincent Price Art Print by Little Shop of Gore

Little Shop of Gore did a great job on this print for Creeper Crate.  It is very simple but bold and unique.  The bats in the background make this print for me!

Vincent Price Print

“Master of Menace” Soap by Dearg Due Bath and Body

Now, this is what I was expecting to get from the Creeper Crate!  This spiced apple and bourbon scented soap by Dearg Due Bath and Body is THE SMELL of fall.  I can’t wait to get ahold of this in the shower and come out smelling like a pumpkin queen.

Vincent Price Soap Front Vincent Price Soap Back