If you have a Coffin Box subscription, you should have received your box.  If you have not, turn back now!

We’re going back to the basics for a few weeks with a ton of subscription box reviews coming up!  I order this one, the Bam Box Horror (again), the Bam Box Fire Sale box, and the Creeper Crate.  They have all managed to get to me within a week.  Hopefully, now that my subscription is good and going, they’ll be a little more spread out.

Coffin Box June 1

May/June 2018 Issue of Rue Morgue

Coffin Box June 7Coffin Box June 2

Rue Morgue has been a favorite of mine since I received an issue in an old subscription box.  Rue Morgue inspires me to do what I love, write about horror!  The stories they write and publish are always intriguing and “out-there”.  They write on the stuff that I had never thought about and actually give me ideas for things I can use in the future.  To give you an idea of the types of stories included, this issue contains stories on The Living Dead Dolls, horror movies in Germany, horror-inspired recipes, horror movies, and (my favorite) horror facts and stats.  If you have never had the chance to look at one of their magazines, go to a local bookstore and see if they carry them!  They also offer cheaper digital copies on the Apple and Android app stores.

Exclusive My Werewolf Neighbor by Jeff Strand

Coffin Box June 4

Jeff Strand personally signed 775 copies of his My Werewolf Neighbor for the release of the new Coffin Box.  The chapbook is exclusive to the June Coffin Box, so you won’t be finding this anywhere else.

Rest Stop

Coffin Box June 3

The Rue Morge Coffin Box is a partner with Horror Pack, the horror movie subscription that we all know and love.  There is a movie guaranteed in each box, and this month’s movie was Rest Stop.  “When the runaway lovers pause at an abandoned rest stop, Jess disappears.  And someone else appears – with his own demented sense of fun.  With drills.  Staple guns.  Box cutters.”  I won’t spoil anything for you, but this flick sound gorey and great.  I can’t wait to watch it.

Coffin Box Limited Edition Nosferatu Pin

Coffin Box June5

With every horror subscription box comes pins.  I have so many pins that I don’t know what I would ever do with them!  This box included a Nosferatu pin exclusive to the Coffin Box.

Unpictured Tee

I apologize that I didn’t get a picture of the tee that was included in the box.  It was a Frankenstein-esqe shirt with bright green coloring and I put it on as soon as I opened the box.  I think it was lost in the wash when I started taking pics for the post.

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