If you haven’t seen any of the wildness that is Black Mirror, you need to do so. The Netflix show is full of ups and downs and insane plots that keep you on your toes. The cool thing is, it’s an anthology, so every episode is different. Different characters, different story, different twists and turns. I like that because it’s hard to get tired of a show when every episode is a new story. It’s almost like watching a bunch of movies!

Anyways, Black Mirror Season Five came to Netflix this past weekend (just in time for my birthday) and I was totally stoked to check it out. Unfortunately, there are only three episodes. This isn’t quite enough for a full on binge session, but I guess three is better than none.

Black Mirror Miley Cyrus


Episode One: Striking Vipers

This episode was not what I was expecting, even a little ways in. It took a turn when the long-term best friends started having sex in a virtual reality game, behind their own significant others’ backs. Even better, they are both straight men! The virtual reality part of the show was very well-done, with spot on characters and scenery. The ending was okay, though also unexpected.

Episode Two: Smithereens

I am not even sure what to write about this episode.  I’m not sure if I wasn’t paying attention at a key point or if the episode just went over my head, but I was lost somewhere in the mix.  Most of the episode had to do with a disgruntled customer holding an employee hostage, thinking he was getting his hands on one of the company’s key players.  He quickly learns that the intern he tricked is still the way to get what he wants and he improvises.  The show is normally full of technology and that’s where I was lost.  Despite my own confusion, the progression kept me watching and the tension was great.

Episode Three: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

I really liked this episode.  It reminded me a lot of a Disney Channel movie from back in the day.  That was most likely due in part to Miley Cyrus starring in the episode as a pop sensation.  The technological side was captured very well, with a few different unexpected turns.  I was anticipating the doll to brainwash kids or something along those lines but I as wrong.  This was my favorite episode of the three and it left me wanting so much more, but we will just have to wait.

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