If you have a Bam Box Horror subscription and have not yet received your box, please proceed with caution!  As always, I try to wait a while to post about the content in boxes to make sure there are no spoilers.

I personally did not like this month’s Bam Box Horror, so there won’t be much for descriptions.  If you’ve followed theunluckythirteen then you know that I have canceled and resubscribed to this box before.  One risk that everyone takes by subscribing to “random” subscription boxes is the chance of not liking the items that come your way.  You can check out last months Bam Box Horror, here.

August Bam Full Box

Bam Box Kennen Goff “Freddy” Five Nights at Freddy’s Signing

Signed by the voice of Freddy himself, this print is sure to excite many.  I’m not a fan of the franchise though so this one didn’t excite me.

August Bam Freddy

Bam Box Exclusive “13” Fan Art Collection Art Print by Artist Oscar Van

Another piece that didn’t excite me.  I actually have no idea what 13 is and couldn’t even find it on Google.  There was a variant for this print, but I received the “regular” version.

August Bam 13

Imhotep’s Scarab Ring as Worn by Boris Karloff by Dark Matter Props

This prop replica comes from the 1932 “The Mummy” film.

August Bam Pin and Ring

Bam Box Exclusive “Frederick Charles” Fan Art Prints by Artist Brian Romero

I feel like I am repeating myself from previous posts but this is one of the best pins that I have come across.  With so many, it is hard to keep up with all of the great ones that I have collected over the years.  This one is great though.  It is also a variant of only 250.