If you have a BamBox Horror subscription and have not yet received your box, please proceed with caution! I tried to wait a few days to make sure most people who subscribe had already received their box.

This post has been a long time coming!  I ordered the BamBox Horror in January for a special print and they oversold the boxes, leaving me without one.  Since I only wanted the one month, I didn’t continue the subscription.  Instead of a refund, I agreed to accept February’s box.  Since I had canceled my membership I was unable to use the code for February for some reason (maybe the boxes sold out again).  Well, I finally received my box a few weeks ago and it was April’s box.

Also coming this week will be the most recent Nocturnal Reader’s Box review.  I thought my previous review was the last, but the payment came out for another month before I canceled.

BamBox Horror List

Bam Box Adam Green Hatchet Signing

I have never seen this movie, but this gives me a reason to put it on my “movies to buy” list.  That list is pretty long, so it may take a while to get to it.  I got the signed Victor Crowley poster, but there were other items in other boxes.  The other items included a signed Hatchet poster and an actual hatchet signed by Adam Green.

BamBox Horror HatchetsBamBox Horror Legends

Bam Box Exclusive “Legends” Fan Art Collection Art Print by Artist Ken Haeser

This is the first in a set of three that will be featured in upcoming BamBox Horror shipments.  With this print, there was no variant.  This print makes me happy, as it features many of the classics.  Though I won’t be getting any more of these in the near future, I’m definitely going to find some reviews to look at for the upcoming boxes to see if they feature other classics.

Missing Laddie Thompson Carnation Milk Carton Prop Replica

The prop replicas are the best part of the BamBox Horror shipments.  This first one comes straight from the Lost Boys film, which happens to be one of my favorites.

BamBox Horror Milk Carton

Jeepers Creepers Shuriken Prop Replica by Dark Matter Props

“Every twenty-third spring for twenty-three days it gets to…eat.”  This BamBox Horror box also featured a replica of the shuriken from the movie Jeepers Creepers, which is (of course) another favorite of mine.

BamBox Horror Replica and Pin

Bam Box Exclusive “Season of the Witch” Fan Art Pins by Artist Create or Destroy

The final item in this month’s BamBox Horror was a “Season of the Witch” fan art pin by Create or Destroy.  I received the regular pin, not a variant.  Create or Destroy was featured in the first post I wrote!