If you have a Bam Box Horror subscription and have not yet received your box, please proceed with caution! I tried to wait a few days to make sure most people who subscribe had already received their box.

It feels a little funny making my first post a review, but I LOVE subscription boxes and I LOVE horror. I had some trouble thinking up content for my first post.  After brainstorming ideas, I chose the review to get my blog started.

This is the last Bam Box Horror I will be getting for a while, and it was a great one!  The Bam Box Horror boxes are full of goodies, but their main content is prints and artwork. Since I have nowhere but a binder to put all of this beautiful artwork, I decided to take a break from this subscription. I am still subscribed to the nocturnal readers box and will post a review for that as soon as it comes in.

Just a FYI, I was not paid in any way for writing this post. It just so happened that I started this blog within days of getting my Bam Box Horror.  Everything in this review is genuine. Though all paid posts will be genuine and not used to deceive readers into purchasing items or services, I will let you guys know if I am ever paid or reimbursed for a post.


Bam Box Item List

Bam Box Item Photo

Bam Box Signing with the Soska Sisters

Starting with the signed Soska Sisters print. I loved this item and it made me think about renewing my subscription, regardless of my previous decision to cancel. The Soska Sisters are my idols and I adore their hard work and dedication to the horror genre. Their movie American Mary was on Netflix for a while (it is no longer available to stream) and that was my first encounter with the sisters. I dug into their backgrounds a while later and found out that they had done a lot of work in the industry. When I discovered their show, Hellevator, I binged every episode and waited patiently to do the same for the second season. I will provide a link to their website, so you too can check them out.


Bam Box Exclusive “Insidious” Fan Art Collection Exclusive Print By Artist Steve Jenks

Enough about them, lets move on. The next item is the “Insidious” Fan Art by Steve Jenks. I enjoyed this piece and its ability to show the fear created by the film. According to the item list provided in the box, Steve Jenks has been a professional illustrator for over 14 years. I took the bait and found his Instagram page to see more of his work. In my opinion, he is a great artist and I enjoyed a lot of his work. The cartoon prints were not my favorite, but check them out.  I provided a link so you can decide for yourself.


Nancy’s Replica Hypnocil Prop Pill Bottle From A Nightmare on Elm Street III

Next up is a prop replica of Nancy Thompson’s pill bottle from A Nightmare on Elm Street Three. Loving the slasher classics, this was a hit for me. I’m not sure if it is legal, but I filled it with melatonin pills.

Amulet of Pazuzu Head Replica by Dark Matter Props

The Bam Box Horror box also featured an amulet of Pazuzu head replica.  I love horror related trinkets, like this one.

Pill Bottle and Pazuzu Head

Bam Box Exculsive “Salem’s Lot” Fan Art Pins by Artist Create or Destroy

The final item was a “Salem’s Lot” fan art pin by Create or Destroy. I received the regular pin, not a variant. I found some other art by Create or Destroy on storenvy.com, but nothing horror related. There are some pretty cool options, if you also enjoy Dr. Who, Hulk, etc.


That is all for now.  A Friday the 13th post is in the works and the February Nocturnal Readers Box has shipped! Keep a look out for those posts, coming soon.