Everyone has had plenty of time to get their December Bam Box Horror boxes.  If somehow you haven’t, then proceed with caution if you want the lovely surprise that comes with opening your subscription boxes.

This was the BEST box!  I will save the best for last, but they came through with their promise of an awesome signature in this box.  While every box is a little give and a little take, you can decide for yourself.

Unfortunatley, as mentioned in my January post, this is my last Bam Box Horror box for a while.  I do love the content, most of the time, but I need to save some moolah. 

Bam Box Exclusive “Tall Man” Fan Art Collection Art Print by Artist Bianca Thompson

December Bam Box Tall Man Print

This piece looks cool, but didn’t excite me too much.  I am not familiar with “Tall Man”, so this print will go into my binder of horror prints. 

Bam! Box Exclusive “Krampus” Fan Art Pins by Artist @DirtyGirlPromo

December Bam Box Krampus Pin

I love Krampus and so, naturally, I love this pin.  Aside from gremlins, Krampus is one of my favorite Christmas movies and keeps the horror going after Halloween.  There were some variants of this item, but I received the original. 

Patrick Batemen Replica Business Card from American Psycho

December Bam Box American Psycho Business Card

While I do enjoy American Psycho, I would have rather had an item that I could use or add to a collection.  Not quite sure what to do with a replica business card, other than put it into my prints binder.

Poly-Resin Self Defense Keychains

December Bam Box Key Chain

This item was hinted to in Bam Box’s promotional emails and boy did they come through.  I was actually looking at some self-defense key chains a few weeks ago and didn’t buy one.  This item is handy and obviously dangerous for anyone on the other end. 

Bam! Box Signing with Heather Langenkamp “Nancy” from the Nightmare on Elm Street

December Bam Box NOES Print

I told you I was saving the best for last!  I could not believe my eyes when I pulled this out of the box and it will definitely be hung on the wall.  This picture is actually used for my phone wallpaper and I am so excited to show it off.  There were some other variants of this picture and I received one of the two common prints, but I am happy with the one that I received, for sure.