I know that I started this blog without a face, this is your chance to learn a little about me.

  1. First things first about the author, there are tattoos all over me with one recurring theme.  I have four Friday the 13th tattoos and speaking of Friday the 13th, it is also my favorite horror franchise.
  2. Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I take my vacation time on Halloween every year and planning begins November 1st.
  3. While working on my writing through the blog, I also have submissions lined up for each month. If published, I will let you guys know!  If not, the stories will be available here.  (Most submissions cannot be published prior to the submission, so I can’t post them until after I find out if they are chosen).
  4. I am working on my Master’s Degree, but currently taking some time off.  I needed some time to start the things (like this blog) that I never had time to think about. P.S. Don’t worry, I will continue writing once school starts back.
  5. I have never been to a horror convention, which saddens me.
  6. I love animals. And not just in an “oh, I love animals” kind of way, I have named the lizards that live on my front porch.
  7. I own over 200 movies and that collection is growing rapidly. I’m currently working on making sure that I have watched all of them.
  8. I am terrified of spiders and chainsaws, watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre scares the crap out of me (quite literally).
  9. I have an addiction to subscription boxes and will share every single one of them with you guys.
  10. The Wicked by James Newman is one of my favorite books, so far.

Now you know a little about me and I’d like to give  props to a few people.

  • As I would assume most (or all) horror lovers would, I have to give props to Stephen King.  This shit isn’t as easy as he makes it look.  I would feel ecstatic to have one book on the shelf and he has too many to count.  Writing and sharing your hopes, dreams, and deepest nightmares is a little intimidating.
  • Second, the Soska Sisters should be an inspiration to all women (and men) who want to pursue their dreams, especially in the horror and entertainment industry.  Their dedication is incredible!
  • Third, Abby at Just a Girl and Her Blog.  I would never have gotten set up and ready to go as quickly as I did without her online course.  Seriously!  Check out her free online course.  The course outlines everything seamlessly and includes tutorials for the tough parts.  Figuring out the set-up alone would have taken me ages.

These people don’t know that I am giving them credit, but I hope you take it into consideration and check them out if you need some guidance or inspiration.