September is here and Halloween is just around the corner.  Needless to say, I AM READY.  I am up to tons of new things this month and already planning for October.

What I’m Subscribing To

I am subscribed to the Bam Box Horror again.  While I still don’t have room for prints, they are fantastic and I just couldn’t stay away.  Their boxes always include a signed print and an art print among other replica goodies.

Creeper Crate is a new one for me, as I have only gotten two boxes from them,  June and July.  August’s Werewolf box should be on my doorstep anytime and then September’s Santa Clara box will be on its way.  You have to subscribe early, so if you are just now subscribing you will be signed up for October’s Scream Queen box.


My final subscription is Rue Morgue’s Coffin Box.  Their subscription box is bi-monthly, so the next box will be released in September.  With a wholesome variety of items, including a movie, a copy of Rue Morgue, and a few other items, 10 out of 10 would recommend.

What I’m Watching

My movie collection is constantly growing and I feel like I’ve been falling short in the movie review department.  To remedy this, I’m starting on my Nightmare on Elm Street collection and will get the review out to you guys shortly.  It will be similar to the Friday the 13 reviews from February.  I will reveal next months series review soon, so keep an out for the October post!

Season 8 of American Horror Story, the cross-over between Murder House and the Coven, is set to premiere September 14th.  I will be tuning in for that!Intagram AHS 8

There are tons of upcoming releases in theaters this month, too.  The Nun, The House with a Clock in its Walls, and Hellfest are all coming!  Follow me on Instagram to see all of the horror movie releases.

Instagram HellFest

Finally, check out the New Horror Streaming for this month to see what new horror is coming to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

What I’m Posting

As always, you will get a sneak peek into all of my subscription boxes and a list of the new horror movies that you can

find on the most common streaming platforms.

I am also working to get some more content into the M.O. and Ghoulish Grub sections and will hopefully get at least two posts in each category this month.

I am working on some stuff for Halloween and will start posting this month!  Make sure you follow on Instagram and Twitter to get notifications of new posts.

What Else Is Going On

This month is the birth month of our favorite, the king of horror.  Stephen King will be celebrating his birthday (or we will) on September 21st!

Instagram Stephen King

Most, if not all, of the Spirit Halloween stores should be open by the end of this month so you can start trying on costumes and stocking up on decorations.