The month of Halloween is here!  I’ve got all of my decorations ready and am just waiting on the weekend to put everything out.

What I’m Subscribing To

Nothing has changed in this area, but let’s talk about all of the lovely subscription boxes that I am subscribed to.  If you are interested in any of these, go ahead and sign up.  Most of them bill the month ahead, so the sooner you sign up the sooner you will get a box.

I am still subscribed to the Bam Box Horror.  This subscription focuses primarily on prints.  Their boxes always include a signed print and an art print among other replica goodies.  This box is true to horror but doesn’t have a defined theme that everything in the box falls under.  Each month includes goodies from a few different movies and they keep things mixed up.

Creeper Crate is a good one that IS true to their defined theme.  Each month, a theme is announced (normally on IG) and you have time to decide if you want that month’s box or if you want to skip the month.

My final subscription is Rue Morgue’s Coffin Box.  Their subscription box is bi-monthly, so the next box will be released in November.  With a wholesome variety of items, including a movie, a copy of Rue Morgue, and a few other items, 10 out of 10 would recommend.  This box does not have a defined theme but provides a great variety.

Rue Morgue Box

What I’m Watching

This month’s horror review will be on the Halloween movies, just in time for the new one!

Tons of new fall T.V. coming to a screen near you this month.  While not necessarily a horror, Riverdale will premier October 10th on the CW.  I can not wait for this!  Supernatural will premiere on the CW October 11th.  Finally, Charmed will be premiering October 14th on (you guessed it) the CW.  American Horror Story’s most reason season is on, as well.  If you haven’t been watching it, find a way to get caught up!

October Supernatural

THE new movie of the month will be in theaters on the 19th.  Make sure you go see Halloween to get into the scary spirit!

October Halloween

Finally, check out the New Horror Streaming for this month to see what new horror is coming to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

What I’m Posting

I always give you guys subscription posts and a list of all the new horror you can stream on the most common streaming platforms.  Don’t forget to check those out.

I am still working to get content into the other categories and fill those up with information and ideas that I think you guys will enjoy.  Of course, this month will be jam-packed with content inspired by our favorite time of year (Halloween)!  Make sure that you are following on Instagram and Twitter to get notifications of new posts.

What Else Is Going On

While the king of horror’s birthday month is over and gone (he should have been born in October), there are plenty more birthdays where that came from.  Jesse Eisenberg from one of our favorites, Zombieland, is celebrating October 5th.  While not in the genre of horror, I also feel the need to share that Eminem’s birthday is on the 17th of the month.

October Jesse

All of the local Halloween stores should be in full working order by now.  Make sure you go and check them all out.  I always make trips to the closest Spirit stores as soon as they open to get the first pick of their clearance piles.  They are normally stacked around the stores and have items still in their packaging for half the price.